Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intellect demonstrated by set of instructions that are applied to fulfill the task.. It is area of interest which studies how to create computer machines and software that are capable of behaving like human brain. These computer software are used to understand and act like a human brain or human intellect. The researchers of this field describe this field as ” design of intelligent agents”, in which an intelligent agent is a system that make out its setting and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.
AI study and research is technical , and it is categorized into subfields that are not capable to communicate with each other. Sometimes AI research is categorized by technical issues. Some methods focus on the solution of specific problems and some focus on one of the possible solutions that are defined to solve that particular problem;
The main objective of of AI research include following :- reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing (communication), perception. AI uses agent to solve the specific problem. Computational agent is a agent whose actions can be described or performed in the form of computations.
Ai approach have some issues about the nature of brain that is artificially created and behave like human brain; But today it is necessary part of IT industry and it is providing many facilities and solutions for software, AI is mainly used in computer games and robotics.
Applications of AI
1. Game playing in computers and mobiles
2. Speech recognition
3. Understating of natural language
4. 3-D view of information
5. Expert System
6. Natural language processing or communication
Tools used for AI
1. Searching
2. Optimizing
3. Logic Programming
4. Automated Reasoning
5. Probabilistic Methods
6. Machine learning
7. Classifiers
8. Statistical Classifications
9. Artificial Neural Networks
10. Intelligent Control
11. Programming Languages for AI (PROLOG and LISP)
12. Evaluation in AI
Advantages of AI Systems
1. Excellent approach in future
2. Non-stop working
3. No risk of doing wrong tasks
4. 24×7 working
5. Good Functionality
Summary: AI is used in many areas as computers act like a human brain. This approach is very popular now days and many software are in progress to use this approach.

Ankita gupta
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